charles brakley was one of the greatest MBA bansketball players around. he scored over 100 points in his career and was the frist player to do a slam dunk from half court. My sister and me used to go see him play with my grandma. My grandma didnt play basketball we just went with her to the games because she worked for the arena so we got free tickets but that doesnt matter because im rich now its stupid.

Grandma got us tickets right by where the baseball players come out of the wall, so we could high5 them and throw little pieces of garbage at them if they were bad. It was cool but this jumbo weird guy next to us called Charles Brakley a butthead. Scarles was so mad he tried to spit on the jerk but he spit all over me and my sister. the spit smelled like grapes and fish. gradma used her dress to clean us off and some people in suits came to us. they gave grandma a envelope and a week later we had dinner with Charnles at his palace. Thats all great and nice and everything but HE KEEPS SENDING ME MONEY. Hes so sorry. Well if your so sorry Charles why dont you stop mailing me cash because im a independent human who dosnt need your big sports money.

diry secrets of Charles Barkely:

1. Charles real name is Shark. His parents were hippies in the 40s and named him after there favorite drug.

2. One of his ears is fake. i havent found out why but i have photos. email me if you want to see them. benyfranklin at hotmail.

3. Last winter, charles peeled out in his farrary in front of a bunch of nuns. The smoke was so thick that 2 nuns threw up and one went pee. the priest at the perish filed a complaint but charles still occasionlly does this.

Most of the time Charles spits on people that deserve to be spit on but be careful when your near him because you could be a innocent byestandered.

Charles i accept your apology BUT I DONT EXCEPT YOUR MONEY.

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i posted this on May 16 2012