Anyone who likes meat will know who george foreman is. he is a meat tenderizer and terroriser.

i filed a complaint when my foreman grill overheated and melted my carpet. there's a big hole now. i received 2 $50 bills covered in meat stains from george a couple months ago, but I DIDNT WANT MONEY i wanted his apology. i didn't even want a new grill, i threw it in the woods. george wont stop mailing me me cash, but i never hear a word. he is a silent money man. UGH

Other things:

-he didn't water his flowers enough, so they're all dry.

-he forgets to clean up after using eggs and his daughter Georgettta got sominila.

IF you cook with him, make sure to help him clean up the eggs, dont want anymore people getting sick. thanks a lot george*


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*this sentence isn't true, i'm kidding you know

i posted this on May 21 2008