people online mostly know about Maddox. hes a famous pirate from utah and owns "the best page in the universe", its a website about stuff. What people never knew about him is that he sends me a $5 bill in the mail EVERY week and im so frustrated that im having trouble sleeping.

back in the early nineties my friend Jaren created a newsgroup and posted my address and told people that if they sent in a dollar, theyd get kissed by their favorite lover the next friday. WELL lots of dumb thought it was real and sent me money and the news spread to more fools and now im in a mess.

YOUR IN FOR IT MADDOX. here's the run down:

1. maddox only tipped 17% at my uncle john's restaurent after ordering a rare kind of coffee.

2. maddox borrowed my friend jasons truck that had a really tall canopy on it and broke it off when he went through a wendys drive through. he didn't even bring the truck home he ditched it in the woods and told jason it got stolen. we found it though and he left the wendys garbage in it. hard evidence

3.maddox stole an umbrella from Walmart last summer. he got caught. be careful if you're around maddox, hide your valuables.

[THANKS MADDOX, ] ----- liiiiieeeeeeee


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i posted this on May 21 2008