People may or may not know about Matt Johnson. If you're unsure go to wikipedia and read about him.

He's a hocky player! He was born in canada (the country). ENOUGH HISTORY, time to shovel his dirt into the world's mouth.

Some how, Matt got the impression that I owned my own hockey equipment company and kept sending me money for some kind of special hockey puck that changes colors depending on how you hit it. I cant remember how much money he sent, but it was canadian so it seemed like a lot. i wrote him back and warned him not to send anymore money or things might get messy, and he thought that was a threat, so he called his cousin Rudy and had him come to my house and unload a garbage truck in my driveway. I called the cops and Rudy got deported back to Canada. Im still cleaning up the kechup grime in my driveway.

It's redicilous cause Matt made the mistake in the first place not me! And he sends his thug cousin to ruin my driveway. I guess it's better than a punch in the back of the head.Jeff Beukeboom was nocked unconsous by Matt in 1998. Poor Jeff.

And the part that makes me most angry is MATT STILL SENDS ME MONEY. IS he crazy?? The humilation will be crazier.

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i posted this on May 21 2008