WARNING: this might be the most shocking humilation you have ever read so far. this is about nicolas cage. if you think you dont know who he is you are lying because every body knows who he is. he is a big time show bizz actor.

when people hear his name, some will think of super man and others will think of arizona but NO ONE thinks of National Treasure: book of secrets. want to know why? because its a documentary and america cant pay attention to real things. plus they fear the truth. in the film nikolas cage is benjamin gates (almost my name, except he must be related to bill gates) and hes trying to find a bunch of treasure, probly so he could send it to me.

time out let me pause here and share with you something that you didnt know about me. i am an expert metal detectorer. i have a reallly expensive metal detector, and it can find metals and treasure 30 feet below the ground. last spring i found a indian burial ground under a Walmart parking lot.

BACK to the mr. cage. after cage found the secret treasure he sold it to the mexicans and they sent the money to me so that i could laundry it but the treasure was cursed and my house filled up with spiders. SO ive been trying to send the money back to cage, but it just gets sent back (return to sender) and im about to scream because he just smiles in his acting heaven while i shovel spiders out the window. look at his devil mustach.

so be careful about hollywood movies, sometimes they are real and they will effect your life.

if you will take the treasure off my hands email me your address and i will mail you the treasure. im sick of it.

nicolas cage, i hope you get kicked in the face by johnny cage from mortal combat.


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i posted this on May 27 2008