whoa, you probly think thats a real life ninja up there but its not. its robert hamburger. lots of people know about him cause of his ninja site realultimatepower.net but not many people know the real robert hamburger.

Robert used to come to my uncle's pawn shop to get new swords and ninja stars. he didnt have money so he traded old vcrs for the swords and clock/radios for the ninja stars. my uncle made me test the vcrs and clock radios to make sure they worked but the last time robert came in he gave us a broken vcr. it had a banana stuck in it so my uncle told him to leave the store and robert broke a part of a limited edition disney bench with his hand. now hes banned from the store. Good going robert.

besides trying to cheat my uncle, robert has been commiting other crimes including stalking and money laundrying. most people have sent me money through mail but with robert i just wake up and the money is under my bed. big wads of cash. im not sure which thugs hes wrapped up with but my cousin Oren said that ninja culture is mixing with the mafio and nato so its getting crazy and someone needs to do something.

i'm going to put an end to all this money and expose robert hamburgers true identity. he cant hide behind a ninja flap now. i used some special computer servers and technology to interprate the gamma rays and reveal the real face underneath the digital photo:

i dont need your dirty cheating money mr. hamburger. thanks for nothing. i hope the hitmen see your true identity so they can find you.

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i posted this on June 26 2008