you know roger rabbit. i dont even have to ask because he is a cartoon. even kids in arabia know his face.

i know you think im crazy for writing about a cartoon character, but maybe you should think twice. roger rabbit was the main person in a documentary called Who frame Roger rabbit? it was made back in the 70s before 3-d animation or even 2-d i think. i'm pretty sure 1-d was around but no one likes 1-d. its boring.

Anyways the documentary was about how the mob got roger from an abandoned lab in south america and taught him english and brainwashed him into stealing and being annoying. so roger is running around the earth stealing for the mob. each couple of days he has to mail the cash back. well guess what, he keeps screwing up the address and the letters get sent to me. he gets the city name wrong every couple of months and I end up with a wad of crusty bunny spit cash.

im really annoyed and sometimes worried that i could be in danger. i try to get rid of the money by burning it or letting my mom stuff pillows with it. the money stops stinking if you spray fabreeze on it. if you want me to forward the money to you email me your address to benyfranklin[at] thanks.

if you see roger, stick him with a fork and dont let him get away. call the cops and dont let him talk you into anything. the cops will know what to do.

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i posted this on January 23 2009