Not a lot of people know about Ron Whistler because he isnt famous, but he is handsome and youthful so he gets carded all the time at applebees.

Ron is a good guy but hes been shipping me rolls of quarters. i think i have $40 worth now. ive been using them as sinkers for my big game fishing with dad. usually i get pretty pissed off about this sort of thing but since i have a real function for the money instead of buying jewelry or investments i think i might almost be happy that Ron is sending the quarters.

BUT i must remember what the site is for and here it comes ron, it's your dirt!

1. Ron lives in San Diego and he was at the beach with his wife and they ate some candy bars and left the wrappers in the sand. i think they were snickers candy bars and a seagal flew down and tried to eat the wrappers and it choked and died right there. some beach officers were trying to find who did it, but ron was already racing down the freeway. poor seagal

2. Ron received one of the nigerian emails and gave his friend's bank info (to test it and see if it was true) and now his friends money is gone and ron didn't let his friend stay at his house when he had no place else to go so the friend slept in a dumpster and he had to eat a rat for breakfast. wheres the compassion??

3. Ron claims to hall his friends that he can do a one handed cartwheel but to this day he has never performed it and i really doubt that its true.

I thought I would never say this BUT keep sending me those rolls of quarters RON. i like it.


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i posted this on May 22 2008