Scarlet Johanson is a actor from sweden I think. for the first time i cant remember if i know a ton about this girl. she got her first acting job as a extra in a peter grabriel music video. the song where they say ADDICTED TO LOVE. It was from the 60s.

your probably doubting why im even talking about her but hold on. its BAD. two summers ago my cousin Teri had a baby. She didnt know who the dad was so she went to a baby psychic. it was downtown between jiffy lube and the meat store. the sign said they specialize in baby psychickry and infant massage. I guess they tend to be well staffed but that day all they had was Scarlett. Teri said she smelled like licorice.

Instead of telling ALL, scarlet just gave my cousin coupons and read her horrorscope from the back of a FREE real estate paper.

My cousin was so pissed she called me in the middle of Buffy so i was extra pumped AND angry and i jumped into my Celebrity and drove down there to bust up some witches. I kicked in the door even though it wasnt locked and i yelled whos in charge here but Scarlet called the cops.

we filled the cops in and they were pretty offended about what scarlett did. they made her say sorry to us but we didnt except it. Ever since then, scarlet has been mailing my cousin and i $5 every month. the money smells like a craft store. I just put it in the compost where it belogs.

If your pregant and you need to know who the mother or father is, make sure you investigate the psychic first on or try a free online one, or email me even.

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i posted this on October 14 2009