You probably don't know anything about Sean because i dont even know his last name. he is really secretive. his myspace is set to private, so people like me cant learn more and humiliate him. BUT i am clever and there is sure to be embarassment. read more to find out

i think sean is a scientist. NO, i know he is a scientist. sean mails me mail tubes stuffed with $1 dollar bills and lab mice. i feed the mice to my pet boa and i use the dollars for fire fuel. Sean doesn't like me cause i was on a grant comittee last august (a hobby) and i didn't approve his science proposal. he got so pissed that he fainted, but it was late so we left him in the room and and the next morning he was gone. all that was left was his wallet, so i tried mailing it to him, but he moved so it got sent back. i gave it to my cousin, hes 3 and its a toy for him now.

Sean so far this year has:

1. Put dirty napkins in the recycle bin. pretty soon the city wont take his waste.

2. he went to walmart and opened a puzzle and took one of the puzzle pieces, so when the kid gets the puzzle for christmas he'll get so frustrated that there is one missing piece. there is little in the universe that is more evil than that.

3. he borrowed his sisters pants and got grass stains all over them.

4. sean was eating pizzas with his uncle and his uncle started choking, but instead of helping him, sean just ran away and bought some candy bars at 7/11. his uncle was ok, but that's just really mean.

If you are a educational institute or a teacher or something, dont hire sean, because he will mess up your students. but if you need someone to mow your lawn, he is ok to do that. hes at least a good worker.

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i posted this on June 4 2008