truth #1 : Legends

im getting angry about people calling legends stories. legends are heavy. a story is just a made up smile dead end.

ever read about Hansol and Griddle? Its a sad true Legend. they were walking through the woods because there mom and dads were working late and there wasnt any food so they looked for some in the woods.

they came up on a little shed that had candy on it and this witch prince poked its eye out of the window and shouted something at them. so they went inside the shed and ate with the witch prince. she fed them carrots mixed with leaves and they drank rain water mixed with salt.

the kids were so happy that they stayed there and the witch prince was proud to own them because then she got a good tax break for having them as dependants and they lived pretty well after that. the original parents ended up just staying at work and they didnt notice.

and this is where i would say The End but that would be a lie because its a true story and it keeps going til now.

-beny franklin


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i posted this on June 12 2009