truth #2 : hand washing

people always say you have to wash your hands after you are in the bathroom. its because of germs like a cold or bactera.

i dont get it. i never get sick and i never wash my hands. my uncle that works for the city said that the water companies took a marketing class and learned how to trick consumers into using more water. all the spooky talk about germs is a lie to get more money.

even thogh i figured it out people dont beleive. all my teachers in school yelled at me and made me do pushups because i didnt wash my hands. one teacher made me draw pictures of soap characters for an hour. im tired of being persicuted.

To avoid getting hassled after i take a pee i just go up the fawcett and turn on the water so people around me hear the water and think im doing it but im just standing there thinking about more important things. then i turn it off and walk out happy as a bug.

dont worry about pig mono either. you have to kiss a pig with your tounge to get it.

-beny franklin


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