[NOTE: when i first posted this, Obama wasnt the president but now he is so dont think im dumb]

Everybody knows who Barrack Obama is. He's running for president of the USA. Yeah, he has a great smile and he goes to church but do you know the whole story? Keep reading to know.

Barrack sent me two packages last year, one was a t-shirt for his campain and the other was a wad of $2 bills. i think it added up to about $80, so that's a lot of $2 bills (40 to exact). His people were looking around for people to donate to his campain, and they used a search engine and found my mail address and accidently sent me some cash instead of information and I got mad and wrote them back, so they sent me a t-shirt. I wish they send me a tshirt in the first place!

So get ready for some dirt. I bet hillary clinton would love to know about this webpage, so she could send it out to her friends. If you know her, have her email me and I'll give it to her BUT WARN her not to send me money, or I'll dig up some dirt about her and give it to obama.

1. Back in Spring 1990, i got lost at MIT while looking for a dinosaur exhibit (in boston). i only had enough money for the exhibit, so i tried hitchiking to get away from MIT. A brown 1987 Toyota Corolla pulled up and it was full of college students but instead of giving me a ride, they threw a Harvard Law book at my face and took off. I got bloody nose and and had to whipe it with some garbage that was on the ground. inside the cover of the book was the words "Barrack Obama" with a peice sign skeched next to it. i was so mad. i idon't know who threw the book, but barrack was an accesory to crime! If you know him, tell him what happened.

2. My grandma really likes obama and she went to one of his rallies to say hi to him and she went early so she could be really close to the stage but since she was old they thought she wasnt important and wouldn't let her sit, so she had to stand the whoooole time and one of her viens broke. THANKS OBAMA for breaking MY GRANDMOMS vien.

Protect your grandparents and other old people by voting for mckain, because he's king of the old people and will take care of them. THANKS BARRACK, just kidding!

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i posted this on May 22 2008