Ladyies and gentleman,
My name is Beny and People from the world, all over it, are continually sending me money and I'm really freaking out about it. I used to be a normal guy with a house and parents, but now I live in a crazy condo.

I'm getting really pissed off.

This site is trying to make people stop it. I will humiliate you if you send me money. Beware if you send me money, I will dig up dirt that you never knew you had. And the whole world will know. (because I revealed it)



Read the dirt about
people who have send me money:

Derek Erdman new one
Charles Barkley
Scarlett Johansson
Roger Rabbit
Estelle getty
rick Steves
judge judy
warren beatty (dick tracey)
Robert Hamburger
sean from
The Onion
Nicolas Cage
Ron Whistler
Maddox from
George Foreman
Matt Johnson
Barrack Obama
President Bush
Harrison Ford

Threat: your name will be smeared with dirt if you send me money, like these people. I bet they cry at night wishing i would take the site away.

The truth

This is where i tell the truth about all the lies that everyone beleives.

Truth #1 : Legends
Truth #2 : Hand washing

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you should never send money through paypal. my cousin tried buying a hoverboard replica from ebay and it ate his money. I got a paypal account so your money will get lost.

The people think that I am a charitable cause, but I just like to eat Chinese food:

my site has been getting a lot of visits. like over 10000 or so.

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