You've come here, because you want to know about me, beny franklin. i dont want to put too much information on the internet but i can tell you what i like and what it looks like outside the window. i see clouds and trees and some houses, and a fence as well. i like cheverolet cars, especially the celebrity. I have that car.

some of my favorite foods are cream cheese on a bagal and potatoe salad with pototoe chips and a little bit of bread. mmm, makes me hungry now. I like drinks like squeeze its and hiC is pretty good and good for you too.

if you want to learn more about me you can talk to me on the front page thing, but don't send me money or ill get angry and never speak to you again. i want to put my picture on here, but i need to figure out how my digital camera works first. its hard stuff. i also have a page on, it's at and i have a youtube at

i also just got aol instant messenger on my computer and my screen name is b-e-n-y-f-r-a-n-k-l-i-n without the dashes. i did the dashes because spam attacks.

if your nice, we can be freinds and maybe link websites. linking makes the internet stronger, along side our frienship.

i live pretty happy life at home most days. i ride my bike and try to invent things in my garage. one time i made a flower pot that can water itself one time each day using a timer switch and some other equipment. its fun you should try or learn about it on the inetrnet.

got to go now, hope you like me!

-beny franklin


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