See the photo its of Derk Erdman. ever seen his face or is he a stranger to you. i didnt know who he was till i was searching for a online future teller. i wanted to know whether id ever find a girl that would like me back and not steal my stuff. i found dereks free one so called it. i wasnt impressed. they could tell which number i was thinking and what kind of soap i use but they didnt really know what my favorite food was. plus they didnt have ANY info about my future wife so i hung up.

a week later i got a pop corn tin in the mail from derek and it was filled with a bonch of $5 bills and stale cheddar pop corn. i gagged but my cat chomped up all the corn right away. return to idiot dosnt work when you dont have there address so i used the money for making paper mache faces for dolls that i make. derek just cause your a pyschic doesnt mean you can send me money.

heres some dirty secrets about Derek Earman:

1. Derek got arrested by the cops in 1975 for selling counterfit pet rocks at school. he didnt go to jail but he got fined and his parents had to pay it. he got grounded

2. derek doesnt have a legal name. his parents forgot to fill out his birth certifcate.

3. he got to meet the queen of englend but he didnt bow right so it was awkwerd.

4. derek often lies to the elderly and prays on the rich.


Derek if you send me one more pop corn tin with cash in it you will regret it. ill call my uncle. he has a butterfly knive and hes very protective of me.

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i posted this on September 13 2012