Estelle Getty is most likley familiar to you because shes a huge movie sensation and she has huge glasses. she was the main character in a block buster documentary called "Stop or my Mom will shoot". someone told me she might be in a show called Yellow Girls but i think that was her mom sarah. Sylvester stalon (from pirates of the caribean/mission impossible/etc.) was the supporting actor. ring a bell??

Ok ok your probably saying "but estelle is dead beny! how can she be sending you money and why does it even matter?" but i will reveal the truth to you. there are rumors that she is deseased and her ghost haunts a tomb in San Diego near an ice cream shop, but it's just the wind blowing fog around.

Reallity Check: Estelle Getty is still alive.

According to the news, Estelle died in July 22 2008 but thats a load of bull honky. last month I was at the yarn fair with grandma and i saw Estelle at one of the booths selling yarn pumpkins and button people. She looked a little bit ghosty but ghosts cant handle cash or sell stuff so im pretty sure she was real. I called her out on the fake death and she tried to pay me off. She gave me 2 $50 bills but i just crumpled them up and threw them at a little kid.

Now i get little ugly checks signed by "EGG" sent to me every couple a weeks trying to make me keep quiet but i will never shut up. not even if she gave me $100,000.

Even though i am mad, i am also conflicted because i like her movies so much. but lying is stupid and she should stop.

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i posted this on November 7 2008