i dont even have to ask if you know judge judy. shes the forhead of televised justice. i used to watch her with mom sometimes.

i even respected her untill i broke into my neighbors garage (they stole my nerf football) and i accidently stepped on there cat and squashed its kidney. they sued me and unfortunately they were big judge judy fans so they applied for our case to be on the show. my mom was so pissed that she made me reroof the house by myself without sunscreen. a week later when it was time to be on the show, i threw up in the office and they had to take me to the hospital for heat exhaustion.

the show had to be canceled that day and judge judy felt really bad for me, so she sent me a $20 in the mail. it was annoying. i folded the bill into a dollar ring and went rollerskating and it fell off but I didnt even care.

you probably heard about the earthquake that interrupted judys show. i got some of the footage and put some music to it. its on youtube. i think it shows the nature of the situation:

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i posted this on August 2 2008