Everybody knows about the president of the US, currently. Until november 2008 at least. AH, Im getting si-trecked!

Everydoy is pissed off about the war in irag, because bush said there were weapons of mass distrustion, but turns out that it wasn't obvious what he meant. BUT GUESS WHAT, I got the real news. CNN will someday use me.

The dirt of George W. BUSH:

1. i was visiting DC last year and i parked my rental car on 17th st NW & H st NW which I thought would be safe, but out of no where bush and his secret service men came roaring down the st. i had a little bit of respect for the president, but not after he threw his ice cream cone at me! BE CAREFUL if you see Bush when TV camera's aren't around, he could throw something at you such as microphones, uneated food, and clothing. Also, there is abuse called tie whipping, where you can whip something with your tie. He does that.

2. My friend lisa was visiting the white house when she was 17, for a school trip, because she grew up in dc. anyways, she was part of a lucky few who got to get their photo with with president bush and laura. But unfortunately, she wasnt lucky, because george spilled his coffee on her dress and didn't even give her money to fix it. When i heard about it, i was so mad that i gave her some of my money so she could fix it, but she just bought a new dress which is good cause i want her to be happy.

3. THIS is the worst. my little cousin was having a birthday party at mcdonalds close to the election in 2000 and bush was in town to make people want to vote for him, but he was super hungry and went to the mcdonalds that my cousins party was at and i guess when the president goes to mcdonalds everybody else has to leave for security reasons. my aunt was reasonable and everything, she asked the secret service about maybe them going to the mcdonalds down the street, but the man just said leave and my cousin cried when they had to finish eating outside and down the street, next to a car wash.


THANKS BUSH, yeah right.

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i posted this on May 21 2008